The First Berliner Artbook 2019

House & Garden, 2019

In de uitgaven van januari, februari en maart 2019 van dit Engelse tijdschrift staan foto's van mijn schilderijen.

Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2019

Pagina 72 en 73.


Creativ Paper Magazine, Issue 12, volume 2, 2018

Zie voor de digitale versie:

Vanaf pagina 74 ben ik te vinden.

Ledenmagazine NABK editie 5, 2018

Mijn schilderij "Mysterious world" op de cover en binnenin (pagina 31)

Internationale Kunst Heute 2018

Pagina 260 en 261, 3 schilderijen:



The First Berliner Artbook 2018

Masters of Today 2017

Pagina 374-383, 11 schilderijen


Artbook: International contemporary masters, vol. XII, 2017

Publicatie van 6 schilderijen in een Amerikaans artbook (pg. 94/95)   

ART & LIFE 2017

Zie recensie van mijn werk door Salvatore Costantino vanaf pagina 39.

Spotlight Magazine (Circle Arts) July 2017

Mijn schilderij vind je op pagina 27:


Internationale Kunst Heute 2017

Zie recensie op pagina's 276 en 277: 

(bovenaan pag. 278 intypen)


ARTisSpectrum, vol. 36, 2017

Art Magazine: Art and art market. Masters of the 21st century (2017)

Pagina 64 en 65, 3 schilderijen.

Artbook: International contemporary masters, vol. XI, 2016

Publicatie van 5 schilderijen in een Amerikaans artbook (pg. 156/157)   



Artbook: The best modern and contemporary artists, 2016

Recensie door Salvatore Russo bij 4 schilderijen: "A shower of colors", "Birds", "Vulcano"en "Passional passion" (pg. 68-71):

"Real storms on canvas. Chromatic hurricanes. The painting of Menno Vos is made of great visual power. Its colors are able to cross the known borders until they arrive in the land of the informal - land where the geniality of the sign reigns supreme."

Art International Contemporary Magazine, nov/dec, 2016

Recensie door Salvatore Russo bij "Mysterious lake" (pg. 104):

"What is beautiful about art is the opportunity the spectator has to look at life and world in thousands different ways, trying to better understand the message behind an artwork. In the painting by Menno Vos, we can appreciate a successful excercise of style, during which the painter, through rapid and vivid brushstrokes and spatula colors, expresses all the powerful beauty of feelings and nature, combining hues and shades in order to turn the painting into the mirror of his artistic aim. A pictorial gesture guided by the instinctive impulse to always create a connection between hem and his spectators."

ARTisSpectrum, vol. 35, 2016